How can the LMS support your preparation?

How can the LMS support your preparation?

The Learning Management System (LMS) on Indian Economy has been designed as a comprehensive support platform for Civil Service aspirants covering Prelims and the Mains examinations. It is prepared on the background of the considerable difficulties you may face on understanding the economy issues.

Students often faces difficulties to get into the economy related topics as understanding of basic concepts is a must. Here, the LMS has the Economy Base Builder which gives you important and tough basic concepts and their working.

Similarly, you may be facing problems in understanding daily economy news. Here, the LMS has the Indian Economy Today session, that gives daily updates supported by explanation of basic concepts and backgrounder information.

The most important part of the LMS is the Courseware on Indian Economy. It is prepared as an e-book and contains up-to-date information on almost all topics related to Indian Economy. You are requested to use the search at the home page to make the best use of the Courseware as it will help to look for the topic you are searching for.

Besides these, there are several helpful interfaces to strengthen your knowledge on Indian Economy, which is the most dynamic subject for Civil Services Examination. Following are the main features of the Learning Management System.

  1. Courseware on Indian EconomyYour up-to-date text on the subject

The Courseware is like an E-Book. It is designed in chapters and units. There are 59 Chapters and around 1100 units. Number of units and perhaps chapters are subject to change with updation. Contents in the Courseware will be updated as quickly as possible and the entire text is aimed to make you exam ready. An in-built Dictionary is there in the content page of the Courseware so that you can look for the meaning of the words and other backgrounder information.

Need not google always – use the dictionary

The Courseware’s Dictionary is designed to save your time. Most students waste considerable amount of time by googling each economics related jargons. Here, the dictionary will solve that problem. From the content side, the dictionary’s vocabulary will be enhanced and updated on a daily basis.

Use the search button

Courseware is a comprehensive text material. But students often don’t read in length along digital contents. Hence, the main use of the Courseware is that it will give you the latest situation related to a specific topic. For this, the home page search option is there to help you to find your topic from the Courseware. This will help you to save precious time. Please use the search unless you prepare the topics one by one.

  1. Economy Base Builder

The base builder’s task is to build your basics on tough topics. Hence, the initial effort is to provide basics on three tough areas –

  • RBI and the Banking System,
  • External Sector (Balance of Payments etc.) and
  • Fiscal Policy and the Budget

The coverage of the Base Builder will be enhanced later after suggestions from students. You are requested to make suggestions/questions on it by using the Ask Your Doubt of the Support section.

  1. Indian Economy Today

This is a daily update section on Economy related news supported by basics and background information related to the topics. What is unique about this endeavor is that exceptional care has been made to give you the basics and backgrounder as these two are necessary to understand each economy topic. Important news for the civil services exam point are picked and covered daily.

  1. Dictionary

The dictionary is designed as a dedicated economics and Indian Economy knowledge base. Dictionary link is attached at the top of the Courseware as well as on the home page. You can refer the dictionary even to develop the basics on the topic.

  1. Multiple Choice Questions

IE has always a rich collection of MCQs designed for the Civil Services Prelim Examination. The questions are supported by description. In future, MCQs will be provided for each courseware chapter as a follow up exercise for the respective chapters.

  1. Search

The search is a quick guide for you to look into the Courseware content. Search is attached on the home page. Only courseware contents are added under the search. Topics from other areas like Economy Base Builder, Indian Economy Today, Class Room etc., are not attached to search.

  1. Exam Support

Exam Support is an interface for both prelims and mains. The support is designed through four modes:

  • MCQs
  • Answer writing
  • Economy Notes
  • Doubt clearance

For Prelims, there is MCQs where questions are provided with description. The MCQ support is backloaded as there will be more number of question papers towards the prelim exam date.

Economy notes and answer writing windows are designed for the Mains. Economy notes has the purpose of providing bullet format points to question answers on leading economic issues. Answer writing option will be commenced only after setting the supporting facilities.

Students can raise their doubts using the Ask Your Doubt dialogue box. Doubts are to be entered by selecting the relevant topics.  The speed of doubt clearance depends upon the time and human resources available with us. The facility will be fully operational only by February 2018.


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