Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the objective of the Indian Economy Learning Management System?

The main objective of the LMS is to create awareness about developments in Indian Economy in a simple way. Inadequate understanding of economic issues and concepts develop wishful thinking about various economy topics among learners. Proper understanding is the right solution and hence, in the Courseware segment, utmost care is given to make the matter understandable for the students.

Another objective of the LMS is to bring an updated textual format on Indian economy topics. Here, continuous updating of the Indian Economy Courseware is set as a major goal on content delivery side. In a book format, content lags developments with considerable time lag. That problem can be avoided in a digital format.

2. What is the pedagogical approach of the LMS?

Toughness and vastness of Economics related topics need elaborative presentation. Here, to make it simple, we have to illustrate a lot. On the other hand, exam oriented preparation needs concise and focused content. All these desirable elements are incorporated in the LMS’s Courseware in a balanced manner.

3. How you can make the best use of the LMS?

There are different components of the LMS and students should go to the LMS tour to get the proper idea.

4. How you can communicate with us?

As students, you may have doubts, suggestions, registration/user related queries etc. All such communications can be made to the prescribed addresses given under Contac for Support (see footer link under Together We). For the answer writing section, separate mail id is given. Please use the correct mail addresses to make your communication easy and fruitful.

5. How you can contribute to the LMS’s digital interface?

The best quality of a Learning Management System is its user interface. Here, the students are requested to submit their suggestions and user generated contents to enhance the social value of the knowledge base.

6. What are the rights of registered users and subscribers?

The registered users can access the content without any restrictions. At the same time, some of the interfaces in the support section – Ask Your Doubt and Answer Writing need appointment of Resource Persons. Hence, supports under these two will be extended only in a limited manner initially. When an operational expense meeting subscription policy is adopted later, the subscribers can avail both these facilities.

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