Instructions for answer writing

1. You can upload answers for the respective questions based on your knowledge and the clues provided here.  The objective of the clues is to facilitate your answer writing and to save your time.

2. Answer submission window is aimed for subscribers as the evaluation and follow-up needs deployment of resource persons. But registered students can submit answers under the free format and evaluation will be made depending upon the availability of resource persons and the quantity of answers received. Answer valuation will be made as early as possible.

3. Limit answers in two pages and 200 words so that you can expand or concise it in the real examination scenario. Answers below that limit also can be made but mention the word limit.

4. Answers can be uploaded preferably using the JPG format. Queries about answer writing can be made at

5. Students can also suggest possible questions and can be mailed to

6. Answers submitted by a student will not be published or made public without his/her consent.


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